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Latest innovation: Centrimaster rims ERD measuring gauge

  • Measuring gauge for measuring the effective rim diameter up to the nipple seat = ERD (effectiv rim diameter)
  • Through the screwed nipples, the actual length is determined to the end of the nipple.
  • This was previously not possible with this precision, there was no measuring tool for it.
  • Many rims are without specifying the effective inside diameter for calculating the spoke length.
  • As manufacturer specifications are sometimes inaccurate, or up to 2 mm manufacturing tolerances occur, the professional tool is a “must” for professional wheel.
  • The assessment with the meter measure has an end. Precisely comprehensible values ​​also for inside nipple seats.
  • Universally suitable for all rims up to 90 mm rim height (except UST rims = tubeless with nipple holder)
  • Measurable range Rim diameter 0 cm to 71 cm
  • Robust workshop execution