Truing stand Comfort



  • solid design all in steel
  • fully galvanised with hardened guides for permanently wear-free operation
  • midpoint finder for immediately setting the centre position on the lateral out-of-true gauge
  • special screw clamp on the axle for holding the wheel in position
  • gauges with a choice of 1/10 mm or 1/100 mm resolution
  • rolling tracking (there is no question of scratching the rim)
  • see all gauges at once for optimum handling
    nipple in the rim can thus be trued from the front without blocking the view of the gauge
  • fine adjustment on gauges for individual needle placement for side and height
  • compact design thanks to favourable structural analysis, resulting in high accuracy
  • weight 18 kg
  • suitable for all wheel sizes even with cover
  • clamping range 175 mm for all hub types no matter what design
  • optional press-off device
    that means: press off on the trueing stand without taking the wheel off,
    constant press off force for a good result
  • simple application with operating instructions


    • Figure some with optional accessories


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